Wednesday’s Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Legislative Defense, More Tua Topics, Draft Pick Updates

Part 2 of the oversized mailbag after the SI Fan Nation All Dolphins Week 2 win:

From Naked Isaiah (@jefflintz):

Liam Eichenberg is still inconsistent (although Waddle’s blocking on the first TD is good). Are the Dolphins going to get through it, will Jackson try there when he returns, find another solution, or do you think he’ll radically improve? This is because it looks like the weakest link.

Jeff, I can’t dispute your assessment at this point, but it’s clear that what they do depends on what happens in the coming weeks. With games as high as Baltimore across the line, it’s hard to see coaches creating chances (why ruin a good thing?).

From Kevin (@Kevin42819304):

When do you think we’ll meet Tyndale?

Hi Kevin, I hope you’re not a huge fan of his Special Teams. Currently, he hasn’t played against Baltimore at all, but that’s because he fell ill after the team arrived in Baltimore.


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