Tyreek Hill’s Week One Miami Dolphins Debut vs. New England Patriots | Movie

Throughout the 2022 NFL season, I’ll be posting All-22 clips to my Twitter account and Youtube channel, featuring more interesting performances each week. This week we look at Tyreek Hill’s debut against the New England Patriots.

In his regular season debut, Tyreek Hill caught 6/8 targets and gained 94 yards. He also added one 6-yard carry. But in my opinion. What I liked most was how he was used before snapping.

Miami used a lot of motion throughout the day and finished second in the league with a 74.6% pre-snap shift/motion percentage.

Miami wreaked havoc on New England’s defense, even though it wasn’t their intended target, as they had Hill moving throughout the formation before the snap. This was a breath of fresh air compared to his three-headed monstrosity that the Dolphins implemented into their offensive coaching staff a season ago.

Hill looked as explosive as ever. Yes, the Patriots did a great job of robbing the ball deep. It was… or some people call it a YAC. Again, his chemistry with Tua Tagovailoa was on point — aside from two plays coach Mike McDaniel said Tyreek Hill was “frustrated” — and the season was on point. It should continue to grow as you go.

There was also a ball that was tipped by Matt Judon, which was probably a house call, but like I said, it was tipped!

But my favorite play from Hill is probably YOLO ball Tua gave him where he went up and Moss’d was a defender. I don’t know if Tagovailoa took this chance last season with his skilled players. But it seemed to me that that was what Hill was looking for when he moved. Nevertheless, his $120 million man in Miami got up and played football.

At 18 seconds there was another route, with Hill starting at the top of the formation and moving down, using his cheetah-like speed to disguise the defenders as moving vertically, Came back for an easy catch. Such a play is a cheat code, which Tagovailoa briefly said at the post-match press conference.

“It feels great to have a player like Tyreek (Hill). It’s not easy to cover this guy when you’re in. I love you.”

All in all, it was a great debut for Tyreek, even if he didn’t see a 51-yard completion like he did against the Philadelphia Eagles a few weeks ago. But if it’s a consolation, here’s his Tyreek Hill Next-gen Spaghetti chart.

And now your functional presentation:

TLDR: I liked how the Dolphins showered targets on Hill even though New England took the ball deep. Hill looked fast and Miami used him on every move and misdirection before the snap The method was great. Hill is on pace with over 200 targets and about 20 rush attempts. Obviously this will change from week to week based on how the defenses match up, but this offense should do something really great this season. prize.

What are your thoughts on Tyreek Hill’s debut vs. the New England Patriots? Did you like the creativity of Mike McDaniel’s offense? What about the move before the snap? Will we see Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill connect on a deep ball with the Baltimore Ravens this week? Let us know in the comments section below!

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