Tua, Miami Dolphins turn heads, but litmus buffalo awaits

Miami Dolphins quarterback coach Darrell Bevel calls quarterback Tua Tagovailoa ( 1) talk to

Miami Dolphins quarterback coach Darrell Bevel calls quarterback Tua Tagovailoa ( 1) talk to


Everyone must face the monsters.

A small child’s potential lurks in the nearest bedroom until guided with a flashlight and discovering it doesn’t exist.

But sometimes the monster is real and the only way to get rid of it is to confront it and defeat it. It’s the same with sports.

The Florida Panthers held a media day on Wednesday and kicked off training camp. They enjoyed their best regular season last year, making the playoffs for the first time since 1996. The Tampa Bay Lightning hit them.

Miami Hurricanes football won’t see that monster until November 19th. Having beaten the Canes 138-20 on aggregate in three conferences since 2015, the Atlantic Coast in his conference he’s a UM roadblock ogre and a gatekeeper beast. They travel to confront their nemesis. The game is Clemson.

The Miami Dolphins monster is here. now. Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.

The Buffalo Bills aren’t to be feared as longtime rivals. Once upon a time, when Don Shula was Marv Levy’s monster, they were the laughing stock of toys, the Bills said against Miami he was 0 in the ’70s. literally. 10 years and 20 games the Finns were 20-0 on him.

now? The Bills beat Miami in his seventh straight streak, placing him No. 1 on ESPN’s Power Rankings, a betting front-runner, and finally handing Buffalo their first long-elusive Super Bowl title. rice field. Quarterback Josh Allen is a prime contender for league MVP.

The bill is a monster, yes. They crushed the reigning Super Bowl champion Rams 31-10 and defeated his reigning AFC No. 1 seed Titans 41-7.

Whether the Dolphins can do better or dare to win on Sunday is the litmus test for Miami: the NFL’s Game of the Week. Public attention to Finn has skyrocketed since his miraculous 42-38 comeback win over Baltimore that heroically led to his 6th touchdown day at Tuatago-Bairoa.

Finn’s coach, Mike McDaniel, understands the difficulty. I wouldn’t try to shovel that just another game nonsense. That candor is why Your Friend The Media likes him as much as his players.

“You don’t ignore the obvious. The Buffalo Bills won this division and did an incredible job in all three phases, so it’s time for the Miami Dolphins to play their best and see where they are.” What better opportunity than to see if there’s one?” says McDaniel. “You don’t hide from it. I think you’ve accepted the fact that they’re a good football team and there’s one way they’re put in the great football team category. That’s beating a good football team. It’s a chance to know where you stand, and you take the chance.

Miami had been devolved to a regional team, but now suddenly America is in the spotlight.

So Sunday is the perfect time for high-flying dolphins to make a statement and declare their arrival, and the perfect time to go wrong.

It’s interesting to watch the dolphin sky bandwagon suddenly fill up.

I’m the only one in the media praising Tagovailoa for over two years of criticism and skepticism. I know you can.

A few weeks ago, I was #5 overall in Miami on the annual preseason NFL team rankings. I was called Homer. ESPN ranked the Dolphins his 19th. Below average.

Where do you think Miami stands in the latest ranking of world leaders?

Tua Wednesday was named the NFL’s AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Suddenly, he surged to his tie for sixth place, with Tom Brady at odds to win the league MVP (according to sportsbetting.ag), ahead of Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Joe He Burrow and Russell Wilson.

Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle are the Finns’ most dynamic duo since Marks Bothers Clayton and Duper electrified the 1980s last week with 22 total catches for 361 yards and four TDs.

Miami’s Mike McDaniel is currently named Coach of the Year.

everything is so fragile

A back-to-back winning season (albeit without a playoff) and a 2-0 start make headlines, but there’s no doubt about it. A heavy loss to Bills Sunday and a halt to momentum could lead to a reverse shift.you too know Skeptics who saw six TDs as an absurd deviation are waiting for Tua to fail. expect, want.

If Sunday is the story of David and Goliath, the role is solidly cast. It’s an easy course to fail, so it’s clear what Dolphin has to do.

Be a monster.

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