Preseason MVP is Skyler Thompson

The Miami Dolphins are in good trouble as rookie quarterback Skyler Thompson is having a great preseason.

We knew there would be a lot of quarterback debate over the Miami Dolphins this season. I didn’t know it would be the 7th pick to be added to the noise.

Skyler Thompson played five seasons at Kansas State University and finished college as the second best quarterback in the school’s history behind Josh Freeman. His numbers never jumped off the page.

But when Thompson became available towards the end of the 7th and final round of the 2022 NFL Draft, the Dolphins came to knock and picked the pass thrower with the 247th overall pick. We all thought Thompson would get his feet wet, play a few halves during the preseason, and eventually get caught by another team looking for depth in their practice team. had just paid his $6.5 million bond to Teddy Bridgewater as Miami’s backup for the following season.

Thompson not only outperformed Bridgewater during the preseason, but he outperformed nearly everyone else in the league during the exhibition game.

The rookie quarterback appeared in three contests, completing 36 of 48 passes, throwing for 450 total yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions. His passer rating put him at 138.4, much better than the second-placed player.

And he certainly passed the eye test. Thompson and his fellow rookie Eric Ezcomma played a big part in Miami’s comeback attempt in the preseason game against the Raiders, where Thompson had 7 with three touchdowns in the final game against the Eagles. It’s now 10 vs.

There’s no official preseason MVP award (and there shouldn’t be one), but if there was, Thompson would have been the clear favorite for the honor.

Impressive shows are a problem for the Dolphins front office, and a problem any team wants. Miami has quarterback talent and it will be difficult to decide where to go from here. You can join the practice team. However, these players are easily picked up by opposing teams and the Dolphins try to avoid them at all costs.

That would likely mean carrying three quarterbacks to the active roster for the season, which leaves one less available roster spot on the 53-man final list, and the Dolphins hope they will It becomes thinner at the selected position.

The conversation about Skyler Thompson beating Bridgewater for the backup quarterback role started as something of a joke. Over the last month, however, the situation has changed and a legitimate argument has been made in favor of young people.

Keep an eye on the Miami Dolphins quarterback situation this year. Be especially careful if Tagovailoa shows signs of weakening.

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